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Thanks to popular memes and video mashups of celebrities like Drake, Meek Mill, Kanye, Beyonce and many more, plus viral videos online, video mashups have come the most hilarious things to create, with memes, that are online. Even though they can be time consuming in many occassions, some have made it a norm for themselves to complete and continue to entertain others as they are posted on social medias and blogs. Now, video mashups may come a lot simpler for everyone as the Spun App helps you to create video mashups in a much easier way.

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Instead of using video editor, or trying to find video editor apps, Spun now allows you to take your favorite home videos or viral videos and make your own mashups to present online. With the app you can simple pull up the video you like, crop and cut it to play where you would like it to, plus add extra emojis and more to the video as it plays.

Previously everyone had to take screen shots of videos, or download it and upload it to After Effects, Photoshop, Adobe Premiere and others and create mash up from there. This process with seriously take time, plus a little training to understand how the program works. SPUN now simplifies all of this and takes only a few minutes to do for something that may take a pro at After Effects a hour with downloading the completed video, sending it to your phone and posting it on your loved social media.

With platforms today such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and even Google starting to offer support tools for video content creation, SPUN jumps to giving many people what they want as they capitalize on the growing trend of allowing people create mash up videos all from their phone.

Created from serial entrepreneurs Andy Miller and Avi Dabir, the two are passionate about mobile evolution and have noticed the organic growth in video content creation.

Dabir explains to techcruch, “People are downloading a screenshot or taking a video from somewhere then putting it into After Effects or Photoshop, putting it together, then uploading it to Instagram,” says Dabir. “People are already doing this, so let’s make it easier for them to express themselves more visually through video and through creativity. [That’s how] we got to SPUN.”

Today many love to be apart of what’s going on in pop culture and mashups have been the most popular thing as many take clips from movies, tv, politics, sports, music videos and more and turn them into their own hilarious clips or gifs.

For SPUN, they have multiple content partners on board which includes Shaquille O’Neal, “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” writers, NBC comedy writers, political satirists, and popular Instagramers.

Right now, the app can be downloaded for free on iOS, and plans to launch on Android next year. Hopefully it comes out sooner for Android.

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