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Facebook looks to connect themselves more with the music industry as this morning they announced their new featured called “Music Stories” which allows users to discover new music and share tracks with their friends. Intergrating with Spotify and Apple Music, “Music Stories” provides a 30-second preview of shared songs that can be played directly on the Facebook platform.

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Steaming music from Spotify and Apple Music, the user has the choice to also buy the song or save it on the respective streaming service. With the success of the new Music Stories, Facebook will roll out support for more music streaming services in teh near future.

At the present moment, the new feature is only available in the Facebook iOS application, but in time, will expand to other platforms such as Android. Due to it not being intergrated with Google Play, Facebook would then try to intergrat with the large music share as Android doesn’t support downloads from iTunes.

Even though Facebook was created from MySpace‘s social media set up, Facebook has never taken the time to focus on music within all of its years and instead, focused on connecting colleagues and then, people. Now with the growth of music and the success it still gives platforms such as Twitter and Instagram, Facebook has the potential to drive major traffic to artists’ albums and tracks as well.

To use the Music Stories feature, users would copy the link to the song or album that they want to display, then post it into their status update box. In return, that is will create an attractive preview which allows others to listen to and even gives an animated spinning record with a pause button included while the song is playing.

To help artist, the Music Stories feature will enable artists and band to better market themselves and their work via their Facebook profiles as the feature will allow fans to give their comments, love and appreciation, now, all on Facebook as well as letting them listen to the song without going to another page such as SoundCloud.

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