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Growing up poor, Lil A & Fatt did any and everything necessary to survive, from selling drugs, hustling, to several neighborhood shoot outs. They looked after each other as brothers and moved as one. The studio was the only outlet that could keep the duo away from the streets. Blo5k’s debut project, Blo5k Muzik carries the rhythm and blues of the streets, paired with Atlanta’s bounce.

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Based on previous relationships, Blo5k teamed up with several top producers such as Zaytoven’s understudy, Cassius Jay, and Young Thug’s producer, Wheezy to create a consistent body of work.
Following several performances in local clubs, strip clubs, A3C, and high schools throughout states in the South and West Coast, Blo5k gained the respect and love from the streets.

Blo5k eventually partnered with fellow Atlanta artists, Tracy T and Maybach Hot for a promo tour run after the success of their single “Money & Sex”. During this 6 month span, Lil A & Fatt realized their gift of creating music and learned artist discipline.

Blo5k Muzik is hosted by well respected street A&Rs, DJ Bigga Rankin and DJ Tokars and premiered on major blog and entertainment sites such as Spinrilla, My Mixtapez, Audio Mack, SOHH, and several others.

Blo5k is ready to take their music worldwide and spread a message that anyone can rise above any negative situation.

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