cheero power plus 3 portable battery charger

Japanese distinguished gadget maker, Cheero recently released their new Power Plus 3 portable battery charger. Online, it has already received some good reviews about its quality. So with doing a lot of running around in the city of Atlanta when it goes to events, meetings, private events and more, we wanted to put the Cheero Power Plus 3 through a real test and see if it was everything people have been stating.

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With most reviews many decided to just create a video or a minor write-up that speaks on the features of the Power Plus 3, but really none spoke on the quality of the battery, how long it lasted, charge time, length of to time till needing to be charged again etc. We instead wanted to give people the full scoop on the charger which we feel is definitely worth the price.

Many times when it comes to portable chargers for your smartphones and tablets, every battery charger I have used is either small and doesn’t hold any type of power, or holds a lot of power, but is too bulky. First thing I liked about the Power Plus 3 is that it has a very sleek look that is fit for today, also fits in your pocket and has a Panasonic Lithium ion battery which allows it to power your portable device for longer periods of time.

My Experience

When going out to events, this thing was truly a life saver. As we all know, today, social media is almost life for many young adults, teens and also businesses. Well my life isn’t much different as I post on site photos that I shoot at events, via wifi to my phone to try to give my fans and followers the quickest coverage for an event they may want to know about and what is going on. Well with 15% left on my phone and the percentage dropping quickly as I’m on Snapchat and Instagram, I needed to charge my phone as soon as possible. Plugging the Power Plus 3 into my Samsung Galaxy S5, my phone started to recharge. The thing that surprised me was not that it was charging my phone (WOW), but while I was still on my phone my phone’s percentage wasn’t staying stagnant as many other portable charger do. While still using Instagram, Snapchat and my phone’s camera, it continued to charge my phone as if I wasn’t using it at all.

That was a major shock, because this allows you not to stress out and wonder when the charger is going to run out only to be left with about 30%. Instead, the Power Plus 3 charged my phone completely within an hour and a half and also cuts itself off once my device is fully charged meaning that it isn’t wasting any power when your portable device’s battery is already full.

Consistently taking it out with me when going to events, I truly wanted to see how long it would last till I needed to recharge it again. All together, for a Samsung S5 I got about 3 and half charges out of it before having to recharge it. Most chargers, when you use them once, YOU’RE DONE. I have had too many times where I have used a portable charger one time, 2 weeks prior to going out again, think that it should still be good and plug my phone up just to see that my phone is not charging, GREAT!

cheero power plus 3 portable battery charger

I have to applaud Cheero as they created a portable charger that doesn’t hit you with any ‘non-charging’ surprises. On the top left corner of the Power Plus 3, you will notice that they’re 4 small circles that will blink lights. These lights will allow you to know where your Power Plus 3’s battery life is as 4 lights means it’s fully changed and 1 blinking light means that you might want to charge it as soon as possible. So no more blue, or red lights telling you it’s just charged and is being charged.

With the Power Plus 3, I will say that when you are charging it, you may want to use a wall socket to get a full charge quicker do to the size of the 13400 mAh Lithium ion battery. Hooking it up to your laptop, or computer, will definitely take longer compared to it being plugged into a wall for about 4-6 hours depending on the level that it is already charged at.

cheero power plus 3 portable battery charger

Also, the portable charger has 2 outputs that allows you to charge 2 devices at the same time if needed. One puts out DC 5V / 1A (for your smartphones) as the other one puts out DC 5V / 2.4A (which is better for your tablets), but both can be used for either portable device you have.

Suggestions To Make It Better

Cheero did an amazing job with their portable charger, but out of the box it only comes with a cord that is capatible for Android devices and tablets. Previously it was being released with the dual iPhone cord and Andriod connect for the first 3000 buyer. Well, when you have a great product that number can be reached pretty quickly. I would suggest rather than selling the dual cord separately, just raise the price to accommodate it and continue to sell them together. Many customer will like to think that once they buy the product, it comes with everything they would need to start using it. Even though I’m sure everyone has an iPhone cord if they have an iPhone, it’s always good to have that extra one if needed.

One thing as well, due to it charging faster when plugged into the wall, the Power Plus 3 should have a detachable wall plug-in as well.

Another thing I would create for the Power Plus 3’s sleek look, it would just be cool to have a clip holder for it. So that way you can have it on your hip while charging. This would be something people could purchase as an accessory for it.


Buy far, Cheero is definitely the best portable battery charger I have used. Plus it can fit into your pocket, can be used continuously before needing to be charged again and charges your portable devices at a faster speed. If you are someone who is one the go, or are someone who is always on social medias, and checking your for phone for news and more, or have teens who phones constantly go dead due to them always on it, I would add this to yours, or their wish list. Right now on Amazing, the Cheero Power Plus 3 is on sale for only 35.99 on Amazon and for the iPhone 6 cord it is only $42.98. This is a major deal and I truly recommend this product.

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