Nick Grant

I’m telling you all now! Get to know Nick Grant. Honestly, that isn’t coming from me knowning anyone, his team, who he hangs with or anything, but more on the fact this dude is a lyricist who understands how to create great heart hitting music and THAT’S RARE!!! After he literally slaughtered a impromptu freestyle on Sway in the Morning, the Atlanta-based rapper, by the way of Walterboro, SC delivers 2 new track titled, “The Jungle” and “Gold Chains”, PLUS delivers a new music video for “The Jungle”.

On his song “The Jungle” Nick Grant targets some of the many problems we have come to face in today’s society pertaining to police brutality, raps negative influences, degrading of women and more. Even when he could have dropped a track that’s made more for the club environment of Atlanta, Nick continues to be a prophet of the Hip Hop game as he releases “Gold Chains”. In the song, Nick speaks on all the things people will do for the fortune and fame, or you can say “golden calves” and “idol gods”. I haven’t been this excited to hear a new rapper since J Cole. Dude got next!

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