St. Beauty

Alex Belle, Jauntel Avetra (interviewer), Isis Valentino

This week, had the honor to hold an interview with Wondaland Records own St. Beauty while at their private video premiere for “Going Nowhere” in Atlanta, GA. Consisting of lead vocalist Alex Belle and background vocalist and guitar player, Isis Valentino, the girl band duo, originally from Atlanta, delivers a unique, free spirited sound that many have come to love. But what do you expect, when your team is completed of creative artists who are all in their own lanes such as the “Classic Man” himself Jidenna, multi instrumentalist Roman GianArthur, Funk duo Deep Cotton and the amazing electric lady herself, Janelle Monae.

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After debuting their first single “Going Nowhere” on the collaborative Wondaland album The Eephus, Going on the Ego Death tour with The Internet, rocking the crowd at ONE Musicfest and holding an all female performers concert at the The Dept Store, We were finally able to catch up to these busy ladies to ask them a few questions. Make sure to checkout their “Going Nowhere” music video premiere now on The Fader.

Interviewed by Jauntel Avetra:

Jauntel: How did you two come to working together to create St. Beauty?
Alex: Well we started in a vintage boutique in Atlanta called Poor Little Rich Girl and that’s where we had our first performances. We started having showcases there and started performing together and noticed how we worked the crowd.

Jauntel: How long was that ago?
Isis: 3 or 4 years ago, we just started meeting up more. Making music together, writing together and decided to become a band.

Jauntel: How did the song, “Going Nowhere” come about?
Isis: LOL! well we started on the bass LOL! The song started off sounding a little country at first and then we just worked from there so people take it in and digest it better. But the song is about 2 lovers who are together forever as you may have that one person that isn’t going nowhere. It was also based off of the Chinese Red String Theory, which pretty much means that their is a person on each side and no matter what happens in life they are forever going to be tied to each other. So that’s really what it’s about, it’s about love.

Jauntel: When you all are taking time for yourself, what are somethings you like to do that many may not know?
Alex: Well… I started back reading. LOL! Poetry, The Alchemist.

Jauntel: So what are you reading right now?
I’m reading The Alchemist again and The Four Agreements, a couple of Maya Angelou books like…
Isis: Letter To My Daughter
Alex: Yes, I have been reading that too. But yeah, I just like to read and watch videos.

Jauntel: What kind of videos do you like to watch?
Isis: Arthur (Group Laughs)
Alex: Yeah, and videos to be inspired by and I like to watch movies. I like pulling inspiration from different things.
Isis: I have been watching Arthur on Netflix, I’m not gone lie. LOL!… I’m sorry reading also. LOL! and I’m trying to get back into painting, but that is mainly what I have been doing.

Jauntel: Are you all working on releasing a project that your fans can expect?
 Yes, we are currently working on it, we really can’t say much about it, but it is in the works and we are excited about it.

Jauntel: Can you all say anytime time frame?
Isis: Nope just 2016.

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