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Singer / songwriter Charlise J is quickly becoming a female R&B singer that many are coming to love and look forward to seeing perform as she is on her rise to the top. With sultry vocals, cute dimples to go with it and an image that fits as the beautiful girl next door, Charlise J has come to be seen as down to earth, caring, all while still making sure to live life. The First Lady of Southern Playas will quickly have a crowd engulfed in her sound and lyrics as her writing style says, I will not be a victim of your machismo, all while delivering elegance and sassiness at the same damn time. With the release of her previous singles, “Playa” and “Blocked“, quickly became fans of the R&B singer and when hearing her ‘Girl Talk‘ EP we felt it was truly time to get with Charlise to find out more about her and to let the people know a singer to watch as 2016 approaches.

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Where are you from?
I was born in California and moved to Georgia at a very young age. I was raised on the east side of Atlanta.

At what age did you begin singing?
My father is a musician so music was installed in me and at a young age. I’ve always song in church choirs and in chorus throughout grade school. It wasn’t until out of high school that I recorded my first song “Say Yes” written and arranged by Demond Turner.

Other than being a great artist, who is Charlise J?
Charlise J is the type of person you can’t really figure out. I feel like my rebellious ways makes it hard for others to understand my way of thinking. But other than that I have a huge heart, I’m very caring and I do my best to motivate and give out nothing but positive energy towards those around me.

How is it being Southern Playas First Lady?
It’s amazing to be apart of a movement that you believe in and to have the same vision or similar visions as the ones on your team. So as the First Lady of Southern Playas it’s a great feeling to be one of the first to help build and grow with this brand. Messiah and Clay James are extremely talented artists and it’s not often that a female artist can trust and depend on others to have their back and their best interest in the entertainment business and especially from men so it’s a pleasure to have such a strong foundation. I’m excited for our future.

Have you ever modeled? Or been asked to model?
I’ve been asked plenty of times to model but I never really got into it professionally.

What are some workout routine, if any, that you do to stay in shape?
To be honest I don’t have a workout routine . I may go to the gym here and there when I feel necessary or do a few squats here and there but nothing on my daily schedule.

What inspired you to name your EP ‘Girl Talk’?
I titled my EP Girl Talk because I felt like each song that I wrote for the project is based around what most females discuss amongst each other or how most females feel toward certain situations.

Most female singers take the route of being the victim of cheating spouses in songs, but you flip the script in many of yours. What made you want to tell the games that some women play, or catch on to and get revenge?
Don’t get me wrong, like anyone else , I’ve been heartbroken before. But I know that there’s just some situations where I messed up and the only thing I could take from relationships in the past is the lesson it was meant to teach or whatever it was I was meant to learn about myself. So for Girl Talk I wanted to be more realistic about situations because even at a young age I’ve been through and have seen a lot but Charlise J is just not the typically “heartbroken artist”. I take it for what it is and continue my journey.

Your song “That Girl” on your EP is probably one of my favorite songs on there, but I have to ask. Is it a true story? If not, how did you come about creating it?
Because social network is so big in this generation women have been using it to investigate and figure out what it is that their man is up to or to try and get conformation on his relationship with other females. And when a women starts to notice a new chick that’s around pretty often she gets suspicious and begins to wonder who the hell is ” That Girl.” So because it’s such a common situation that causes problems in relationships I used it for as another song most females can to relate to.

How many guy’s hearts have you broken in your past?
I honestly don’t know but I do feel like any guy that realized they messed up what they had with me and know that they will never get another chance have plenty of regrets.

What is your pet peeve that a man dating you shouldn’t do, or it will be over?
Lie to me. I’m a very understanding person and communication is everything to me when it comes to a relationship. So don’t keep something from me as an attempt to refrain from hurting my feelings because then you’re appearing to be someone that you’re not.

Ight, so what should a guy do to impress you to give him a chance?
It’s hard to get my attention and keep me interested But like track 1 on Girl Talk, a man has to approach me with plenty confidence. And have a certain type of swag about himself.

How would you like for Charlise J to be remembered?
I want people to remember that I remained the same humble and great spirited person that I am. That I made a difference and I came into the game to win and once I won I obtained the same respect I began with.

What can people expect from you in the future?
In the future i feel like people can expect to see and hear my name often. More music, more visuals of me and the life I live just more of me. Getting to know Charlise J.

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