Psy 'daddy' music video

PSY knows how to create a dance that will make the world go crazy. Right when people are forgetting “Gangnam Style” and Korean rappers like Keith Ape are rising, the King of Korean Pop Stars returns with a new music video for his song, “Daddy” featuring K-Pop singer Chaelin Lee, also known as CL of 2NE1. Korean pop singer Psy will not let you forget him and I must say this is the most hilarious and entertaining video today that will make you crack up, all while trying to keep your ears open to watch his movies. One of the reason K-Pop has come huge in America is this dude and one you see the video you will understand why.

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From PSY face being superimposed on a baby’s body, a little boy’s body, him has a old man and more. This single is off of Psy’s new album “Chiljip PSY-Da”, which is Korean for “This is PSY’s Seventh Album”. LMAO!!!

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