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Wondaland Records singer/songwriter Roman GianArthur is one artist that many are becoming to love. From his unique style and ‘sol’ ful sound that blends R&B, Rock and Funk, Roman is one artist who stands in a league of his own just has his counterparts of Wondaland. Making his debut with his song “I-69” that will take you back to a time where production was made with real instruments with a blend of classic 70’s R&B, it’s no ‘wonda’ why the song was also picked up to be on Grand Theft Auto 5. Now after the release of his debut EP, ‘OK LADY‘, we truly felt the need to reach out to this ‘Sol’ brotha’s team to have an interview to find out more about him as we feel he is truly an artist to watch in 2016.

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J White: How did you come up with the name Roman GianArthur?
Roman: That’s my name

J White: That has to be one of the dopest names ever.
Roman: Isn’t it?! My father gave me those names. Roman and GianArthur. He was a composer so he named me after his favorite quarterback, his favorite composer and my mother’s father.

J White: How did you come up with the name of your debut EP ‘OK LADY’?
Roman: Well like the music, I try to re-imagine both artists and the essence of them and then the title started to take on its own significance to me. I started to think of a lady as three things. I thought of a lady as God, I started to think of a lady as the women in my life and my truck.

J White: Why Your Truck?
Roman: My truck is a green Ford Ranger, it’s a 1999, it’s the only vehicle I’ve ever driven and it also was my parents. I got the truck from my parents, so I try to take care of it and the things I already have.

J White: That’s funny, because that actually goes into the next question as to what was the concept of the cover of your EP with the ladies on the front of it.
Roman: Yeah, you got it man. Plus they just fine. (laughter)

J White: Very True!
Roman: Yeah, shout out to all of them man. Shouts out to Spencer Charles for putting the artwork together. Josh Dean on the concept and Chris Patterson for management. They definitely did a great job with that.

J White: When making music, what is your creative process?
Roman: I try to make music outside the studio first, because that’s where music comes from. The world, you know? like life, songs you may hear when you’re in your car, or with nature, or at work. When making my own music, I try to make music that touches people were they are, so I have to be where I am in life. Then when I get to the studio, I just turn up!

J White: We come to notice that your style is unique from many other artists out. How is your style a representation of you, or what does it symbolize?
Roman: From the clothes that I wear, to my music, I’m really trying to create an imagine that shows I’m ready. I try to wear clothes that shows I’m ready for a good time, or jump on a trampoline, or fight someone if I have to. Just be ready! I wore a suit for a while in tribute to my grandfather who was a pastor… actually both of my grandfathers were ministers, but the one that passed use to wear a gray suit and white shoes and stuff like that so… but all of it comes down to just being ready. I try to use the gift that God has given me and be prepared for the opportunities that come and the responsibilities that come with being given gifts.

J White: Wondaland Records has a uniquely amazing group of artists, what do you feel you add to such a creative label?
Roman: I would say some attributes that my friends at Wondaland admonish in me and I appreciate their encouragement for is discipline, hard work and a certain level of audacity. All of these things, takes courage to execute any virtue. Maya Angelou says, “Courage is the most important of all the virtues because without courage, you can’t practice any other virtue consistently.” I would say that when I’m being my most courageous, I am discipline person. I am audacious and those are a couple of things that people value about me.

J White: Is their anything you’re working on, or can prepare the people for that you’re able to tell us?
Roman: Oh yeah, I’m working on my music. It’s ready music. It’s Sol music. I also speak Spanish and studied spanish for all 4 years when it was at Wake Forest and love Spanish culture, so when I saw the through line between Sol, which means Sun, in Spanish, or light and were I come from and growing up in the south, between the Carolina’s and my grandfathers being ministers and being in church and Bible study and all that stuff. When I saw the word Sol and how it connect with me life. It was like lighting striking me and God telling me, “You Roman, just shine your light. Whatever you got inside of you, just shine your light.” So that is the message when I get down, or lonely or confused about what I’m supposed to do. I turn back to the sun.

Checkout pictures of Roman GianArthur previous perfromance in Atlanta:

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