Swiss watchmaker, Movado now comes part of the smartwatch family. Know for their clean style and quality, Movado shows that they are truly watchmakers who is able to develop with the times and technology and still keep their unique look. Even though they never came apart of the digital number age, which I feel made them unique and kept them upscale, Movado has created new smartwatches that still has their one of a kind look all while being able to do much of the things other smartwatches can do today.

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Engineered by HP, they release the Movado BOLD Motion, Museum Sport Motion, Bellina Motion, which are smartwatch that are able to connect to your smartphone app (iOS and Android) and can alert you by subtle vibrations and visual cues to know about upcoming appointments, incoming emails, texts, social media updates and phone calls. For the fitbit lovers and people looking to keep track of the steps, the new BOLD Motion also tracks your steps to help you accomplish your fitness goal. All of this while still giving you the sleek look of Movado.


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