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Rapper, songwriter and producer J. Reu is an artist that follows no rules instead he’s creating them. Getting his start by devising a plan to get to the top by working smarter not harder, writing the Best Buy jingle “Welcome to the Holidays” provided various avenues to get heard in front of a mass audience. Touring for three years J. Reu is preparing to releasing new music after much begging from his fans.

Who is J. Reu?
A guy that came from nothing, lyrical genius, and trendsetter. Determine to make my mark while staying true to myself

I must admit Willrapforbeatz2 has been on repeat for the past two days, what was the motivation behind it?
It was a sequel to WILLRAPFORBEAT, which was not suppose to be sequel but became one after the guy who help on the first project passed away shortly. I wanted to dedicated something to him without doing a dedication album. The music on the album consist the type we both would listen to

What can we expect from you in 2016?
Dropping an EP, going back on the road and releasing visual. Also I’ll be starring in two movies coming out; Rated Atlanta and Life Without Hope

What have you been up to? It’s been a while since you release any new music?
Just been touring, last year I dropped a single and two videos, No Gimmicks and Fxck Molly that’s been doing well. So I’ve just been capitalizing on that as well as recording new music for my upcoming project. Also been writing and producing songs for others

What challenges have you experienced in your career?
Jealousy. A lot of artist do not enjoying working with me simply because I remain true in my music. If I rap about I’ve lived it, my experiences are true will theirs are just for hype second hand experience

What advice would you give those that desires to pursue a career in music?
Put every available dollar to music.  Invest in yourself. As oppose to buying the latest Jordan’s put it towards studio time, books and etc. The person with the best music doesn’t always win its the knowledge that helps you surpass others

It seems like you are creating a movement, Fxck Fame, can you elaborate how that started?
Got caught with up a few label situations that were wanting me to change, they wanted something that they would be able to make a quick dollar from and telling me that I will be famous. I’m all about character so comprising my music wasn’t in the question for fame so that’s how Fxck Fame came to life. A lot of my peers were doing it for the fame and I didn’t want to go down that route.

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