Mokacam Sets To Release The World’s Smallest 4K Camera

When it comes to on the go movement, GoPro has taken over by a storm for many who are adventurous and on the go. Well now Mokacam sets out to take on the competitior and up the stakes as the set to release the world’s smallest 4K Camera that helps to capture beautiful settings and videos in ultra-high definition. Made with a rotating screen and a magnetic snap-on battery, Mokacam’s 4K battery already gives the user a better hands on experience as well allowing the user to shoot for longer hours without anytime missed in between.

The 4K camera also come equipped with a high definition microphone, shoots at a wide angle 152 degree field of view and a 16 mega pixel sensor. “We have designed Mokacam to be used by everyone. One industrial design team was razer focused on creating a device that anyone can pick up and use. Focus on moment, and not the setup.” Mokacam states.

the Mokacam’s stats are truly unbeatable by it’s competitors which includes the Hero4Black, Hero4 Silver and Hero4 Session as it can:

Video – 4K at 15FPS
Sensor – 16 MP
A Rotating Screen
Snap-on Battery
Motion Detection
F-stop at 2.0
Magnetic Mount
Waterproof Case that can with stand water to 60m
Camera Size 45mm x 45mm

To make it even worse, the Mokacam is also half the price of other small 4K camera as it retailed at $169. Find out more about Mokacam’s 4K camera here.

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