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WCIC’s 10 Male Singers To Watch In 2016 List



Each year releases a list of 10 male singers to watch, or 10 female singers to watch. In 2015 we took some time to focus on female singers as in 2014 we listed 10 male singers, but at the amount of love for both, for 2016 we are listing both for people to watch out for and like us, become fans of. Previously we have listed artists such as PARTYNEXTDOOR, Eric Bellinger, Adrian Marcel, Johnny Rain and more for people to checkout and all have grown tremendously. This year we focus on the male singers again which ranges from RnB, Alternative RnB, Pop and Rock.

One thing I will say is that some of the White male singers are coming with a lot of soul these days and even black male singers are starting to diversify their sound, which I am truly loving as races are breaking culture barriers. Even for 2015 we have seen the rise of singers such as JMSN, Bryson Tiller, Tory Lanez, Kwabs and more.

With our list of singers to watch we love artists who can sing, but in the music industry it takes more than that to be a star. When it comes to rising artists to watch we look at who has been able to build a loyal fan base, are they marketable and also their uniqueness when it comes to the music industry today.

We all know amazing artists who sound great, but who will be able to make it in the music business and grow to another level to sell out concert shows, or open for major artist that many already love. To start off 2016, this is our list of 10 male singers to watch in 2016 and who you may want to start listening to today before you’re trying to figure out why is everyone buying tickets to their shows when their on tour in your city.

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