akoustic art, a speaker, ultra directional speakers, budless ear buds

Akoustic Arts Ultra-Directional ‘A’ Speaker

The Akoustic Arts‘ ‘A’ Speaker will totally change the way you listen to music. As technology has grown, people have gone from large speakers that can set the mood to a room, to bulky headphones, to even blue tooth headphones that doesn’t even have to plug into a device.

Well the ‘A’ speaker takes things to another level as you won’t have to listen to music with bulky ear muffs over your ears or earbuds anymore. Premiered at CES 2016 in Las Vegas, Nevada, the ultra-directional ‘A’ speaker allows you to directly target the location to where you want music, or audio, to play allowing everyone around you to be able to enjoy their own personal time, if they were reading a book, or sleeping, or even watching tv.

akoustic arts, a speaker, budless headphones

Created by Akoustic Arts, the ‘A’ speaker delivers some of the most extraordinary audio that will take your listening pleasure to another level. With the ‘A’ speaker you are able to turn your music up as loud as you need it, to get you into the groove. With the speaker, you will still feel all the treble, mids and bass needed and not disturb anyone near you, without putting those annoying ear buds.

Since 2010, Akoustic Arts have been strategically working on how to reinvent the way we listen to music, audios and radio. Now with the ‘A’ speaker set to be released at the end of January we see where the future may go as this technology may set different standards what sound systems can do, how headphones are created and more.

To find out more about Akoustic Arts ‘A’ Speaker, make sure to visit them at www.akousticarts.com

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