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Donald Trump THEME SONG For Kids

Donald Trump… Now we try our best not to speak on Donald Trump just because it adds to the NONE NEEDED ATTENTION to him, but this song performed by the ‘Freedom Kids’ for Donald Trump is showing that his campaign is inspiring people to  to make kids pass down stupidity to the next generation. After cursing out his microphone person at one of his rallies, the Freedom Kids’ Donald Trump song has truly gone viral at this point and the reason why isn’t because it’s great.

Or you may pull up beside someone blasting it in their car and take the time to say, “Yo, who did that AMAZING song!” Or even that you may be at a family gathering and request for the song to be “Turned Up”. NO! This song is horrible… Like Rebecca Black, “Friday” horrible. If you want to piss someone off today, Republican, or Democrat, send them this. This will be the FIRST thing both sides will agree on during this campaign run.

Now to the little girls who had to perform this horrible song written and created by a 60-year-old Donald Trump supporter. If you love to sing, please continue to pursue it, dance the same thing. Nothing can stop you from accomplishing your goals. But know, when you reach your true teen years, this will be the video you try to deny your entire 4 years of high school. So to tell those bullies, I’m better than that, write your own song (which will definitely be better than this) enter the talent show and perform your little hearts out. I’m truly sorry for what campaigns can do to people and this strategy, created by an imbecile, had to include you all.

Now, I feel this song should be played everytime Donald Trump now goes to a speech, a press conference, lunch, breakfast buffets and more.

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