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Rising producer, TEAUXNY (pronounced Tony), delivers his first instrumental EP titled, “HEAR”. With his growing fanbase from his extraordinary work on Sy Ari Da Kid‘s ‘Politically END Correct‘ EP, TEAUXNY releases 7 new productions which will become any freestyling artist’s #1 project to listen to. Just as tracks such as “Forgotten” and “Stability“, TEAUXNY delivers an instrumental EP that is feeled with melodic melodies, transending sounds of struggle, love and persaversance that can only be described as pure emotions when listening to the project. Also this project is perfect to wind down after a long exhausting night up ‘Turn Up’.

For this project, TEAUXNY also looks to help out child who are deaf and helping to create a fund to help them to be able to hear the one thing EVERYONE in the WORLD has come to love… Music.

The Instrumental EP Series is set to benefit a deaf child wishing to undergo Cochlear Implant surgery. Cochlear implant surgery is a procedure that provides a sense of hearing to someone who is profoundly deaf and also very costly. The surgery can range anywhere from $20,000 to $100,000.

HEAR will serve as an outlet for TEAUXNY to use his gift of creating sound as a music producer to give others a chance to experience music, the sound of their loved ones voices, and other sounds that people take for granted everyday.

TEAUXNY created the project with the hope that his passion for music will provide others with an opportunity to connect with sound the way he has.

100% of all proceeds accumulated from HEAR will be donated to help cover medical costs of a deaf child wishing to undergo Cochlear Implant surgery.

Art Director: Kyle Stewart, Chicago, IL. Website: kyst.co

Donate to the cause here: www.gofundme.com/TheHEARProject

Purchase the album on itunes here.

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