jamie foxx saves man from burning vehicle

Jamie Foxx Rescues Driver From Burning Vehicle

Jamie Foxx may be an Oscar-winning actor, a great musician and more, but he also is a man who takes action when help is needed. Recently, Foxx saved a man from a burning after the guy had crashed outside of his home.

Hearing the crash outside his house, Foxx ran outside to see what happened when he noticed the man was still inside of his burning truck. Instead of just calling 911 and hoping the fire department got their in time, Foxx took off towards the vehicle where he was able to cut the guys seatbelt off and pull him out of his car, seconds before his vehicle burst into flames.

From the incident, Jamie Foxx has been very humble on the situation and even feels that he isn’t a hero as he just did what he feel, everyone should do. After the situation, Jamie Foxx invited the survivors father to his home for about 30 minutes, showing him the security footage outside the gate and what took place. The father was happy that Jamie leaped in to gear as other footages states that his son also has 2 sisters and a brother that he would have left behind if Jamie wasn’t their to help him.

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