stacy dash memes

Stacey Dash Memes

These Stacey Dash memes are probably the one thing many people are looking forward to laughing at as recent the actress from the Clueless movie went on to Fox to talk about Black segregating themselves, how we shouldn’t have a Black History Month and the NAACP shouldn’t exist. Well… that didn’t go over well when the information started to spiral out of control on social media.

As anything, when it goes online, you’re more likely going to have people who have something to say, but I think we can all agree that 95% of the people, especially blacks, had a ‘Fxxk this chick’ additude.

Afterwards many let out their emotions and thoughts on the situation via Twitter and Instagram with most being hilarious memes that even brought up old situations of other black celebrities who have done the same thing in the past. This topic became so huge that even other celebrities such as Roland Martin, Bun B and even BET, had to give Stacy Dash a reality check as of why networks like BET was created, organization like the NAACP was created and Black History Month.

I will say, even though some may be funny, many I feel should be a reality check for black people to stop excluding particular ‘people’ who may love our culture so much that they see themselves as black such as Rachel Dolezal, who was apart of the NAACP.

But go ahead and get your laugh on and checkout the Stacey Dash memes and tweets from her Fox interview antics.

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