Sy Ari Da Kid B4 The Heartbreak "Road To Heartbreak" music video

Video: Sy Ari Da Kid “Road To Heartbreak” (B4 The Heartbreak Trailer)

Sy Ari Da Kid returns for 2016 and takes you on the road before he was the heartbreak kid. So today he releases his, ‘B4 The Heartbreak Trailer’ all while releasing the first single, “Road To Heartbreak”, from his next project that is produced by Illa Jones, Teauxny, Dub Tha Prodigy and more.

In the video directed by The Architeks, Sy Ari Da Kid introduces members of his team such as B. Simone and J. Deep, who have helped to create, what I feel will be a great project.

Previously, Sy Ari Da Kid released his Politically END Correct project, produced by Teauxny, that claimed many people’s attention as it target situations that we STILL see happening today.

Many have come to know Sy Ari Da Kid from his S.O.O.N. (Somethin Out Of Nothin) mixtape which held hit songs such as “Lit”, “Stability”, “Old” and “TLC“. Afterwards, Sy took it back to his Heartbreak days as he released his ‘Heartbreak Kid 3‘ mixtape.

Now set to take over the year, Sy Ari gears up take you on the road before the heartbreak. Seems like it’s gonna be a cold Winter.

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