cellrobot pouring a drink2

Tech: Cellrobot

While at CES, WhyCauseICan.com had a chance to stop by the Cellrobot stand and find out more about the Cellrobot. While speaking to their PR Rep about their product, the first thing any ‘kid at heart’ man, like myself, would notice is that the Cellrobot is coming closer to making Disney’s animated movie, Big Hero 6, a real life thing as the Cellrobot is able to be constructed into different robotic elements to fit your daily life, or personal needs almost like the nanobots in the movie.

Now it doesn’t come with any head gear that you can wear to control how the cellrobot can be reconfigured, but this interchangeable robot is any gadget lovers dream. Created by robotic cells that works like the cells in our bodies to create life and function, these cells are capable of being connected together to create hundreds of different robots for enjoyment. Now instead of wearing head gear, you are able to control the cellrobot with an downloadable app that connects via bluetooth to the heart of the robot.

With the robot as well, it can connect to wheels and also comes with a camera, spot light and connector (just in case you need the robot to hold that shot glass for you if you’re partying a little to hard.)

So if you are looking for a new camera display, toy car, or simple just like to feel like a kid again, or are a kid, checkout the robot that can fulfill all the your robotic needs in one.

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