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Phonotonic is reinventing the way we make, listen and enjoy music. Every movement is translated into melodies and rhythms. Today, Phonotonic goes social. Phonotonic demonstrates how the magical properties of connected objects make it possible for two users to create and share the same melody in real time – even if they’re on opposite sides of the world – for a jam session that’s more spontaneous and immediate than ever.

This groovy gadget is a smart object that turns your moves into music in a way that is easy, personal and fun. What happens is that simple gestures become powerful music. The result is a unique music segment that depends not only on the movements of the user, but also on his or her mood, desires and harmony at the time.

Now two Phonotonic users can make music at the same time, regardless of whether they’re in the same room or thousands of miles apart, so a user in Paris can provide the rhythm while another in New York plays the melody.

Behind the magic lie machine learning algorithms specially developed by Phonotonic to deliver real-time analysis of musical and morphological data.

phonotonic, moves into musicThe object communicates with the Phonotonic app via Bluetooth and measures every movement using inertial sensors. Users can choose any of the music packs featured in the app. The rhythm and melody are driven directly by the movements of the Phtc cyan (1)user.

Users can also choose to remove the Phonotonic sensor and put it in other objects or wear it… maybe in shoes, in a pocket or anywhere they want. Then they have the choice to adapt how Phonotnic is used.

So Phonotonic is also revolutionizing sport by transforming it into a unique experience. Whether users are running, working out or even boxing, they can produce real-time musical feedback of their performance, creating another – unique – source of motivation. The new functionality means that joggers in New York’s Central Park can make music with joggers in the Parc Monceau in Paris.

For performers, dancers and artists, it’s a completely new form of expression. It’s up to users to invent their own Phonotonic moment: a time to create something unique together as part of their daily routine.

Checkout Phonotonics now at and in more than 400 outlets, including MoMA Design Store, Harrods, Printemps, Lick, Citadium, Bon Marché, Boulanger, Maplin, Tsutaya Kaden and Cococa.

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