Ryan Leslie, SuperPhone

Grammy Nominated Artist, Ryan Leslie may be out of the spotlight for many, but more than anything he has continued to learn how to develop and build with his fan. We all know when it comes to artists, many may see a label is needed, but that doesn’t even matter if you don’t have people who love your craft. Well Ryan is truly one artist who understands that completely and most importantly knows how to make his fans love him and shows them that they are needed all from his SuperPhone.

The Harvard Gov’t Major, shocked many people last year as he sold out of his album within 24 hours with them being priced at $5,000. Afterwards Ryan hit the road and performed at ONE MusicFest, hit the studio and more all while still giving over 38,000 music supporters his time and thanking them for support his dream.

When it comes down to it, Ryan Leslie has perfected the concept that Mike Jone’s use to try to push as he stated his phone number in every song, but Ryan’s SuperPhone connects fans with their favorite artists. Flipping the concept of customer relationship marketing to personal relationship marketing. With this the artist is able to build a interpersonal relationship with fans who help to push their career with songs, albums, and other musical content via purchases.

Just imagine this, especially all of you Beyhive supporters, from you purchasing albums, songs, concert tickets and more for your beloved Beyonce, that it allows you to actually contact that artist, recieve personal happy birthday voicemails from her and get exclusive notifications for private parties she may throw and more. How amazing would that be?

From this, Ryan has and continues to break barriers in the music industry as he has taken all of his music off of streaming sites and has built his own platform via his Disruptive Multimedia company to bring all sales to his team rather than having to pay off any label overhead.

Last year, Ryan Leslie brought in more than 2 million dollars without being signed to anyone. Artist such as Tech N9ne, Nipsey Hussle and Ryan Leslie are making it known quickly that you don’t have to be signed to fulfill your music career.

Started in the Summer of 2015, Ryan Leslie begin to release his last project titled, MZRT. This project isn’t like any other. Why? do to it being a 120+ song album that will drop 1 song, each month.

To hear and see more of Ryan Leslie is doing for the future of music and his supportive fan checkout his video ‘Under the Radar’ (The Story of SuperPhone) below. Just to let you know, he took 3 of his biggest fans on a private jet ride from Georgetown to New Jersey.

Call/text Ryan anytime +1-646-887-6978

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