maurice white, earth, wind & fire

I’m sorry, when it comes to Earth, Wind & Fire, I will not let myself become sad. Why? Because their music was played at some of the best times of my life. From cookouts, family gatherings, skating rinks, this group has truly made some of the worst days, the best as many of their songs pertained to love, joy, happiness and being able to overcome.

So with today, news hit that the co-founder, Maurice White of beloved group has pasted away after a long fight against Parkinson’s at the age of 74. Even though it’s truly sad news to hear, I will not post a story on how sad it is, but instead celebrate what Maurice and his Earth, Wind & Fire family has brought the world. So Rest In Paradise Maurice as the world goes through your collection of timeless music and thanks God for the time he allowed you to spend with us. You’re presence will be missed, but you will live on forever.

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