Majid Jordan learn from each other music video

Majid Jordan debuts the music video for his song, “Learn From Each Other”. Directed by Ben Strebel, Jordan plays himself in the crowd as young lady who has a crush on him comes out to perform his song. Lip-singing the words, she finally catches his attention as he shows that he may not be enjoying his night out, but comes to feel a little life in himself as he watches her perform.

Afterwards, things turn dark as the already heartbroken singer continues to sing when she notices that Majid’s girlfriend comes and sits by him after giving him a kiss on the cheek. Both seeming shocked, Majid goes back to not enjoying his night as the girl, yet again feels alone as she tries to finish out the song.

This video is so damn real, you have probably been on either side before. What would you have done if you were Majid in this situation?

Watch the video below:

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