Devil Pup, Lonely In Bergen

Shane Hagan, known by Devil Pup, debuts his Lonely In Bergen LP. When it comes to artists, many times we may not listen to an entire project, but with Devil Pup’s project I honestly tell you this is one project that you will find yourself trying to singer along if you don’t know the songs all while allowing it create your mood for the day. With a classic rock sound, this Brooklyn-based artist delivers a project that is calming, free feeling, yet riviting, making it an album you will love to drown the world out with.

Some of our favorite tracks on the project include:
1. Atlas (Is Waiting…)
2. When You Do Things Right (They Won’t Be Sure You’ve Done Anything At All)
3. Early Morning In Westminster
4. Kamran Alan
5. This Night Reminds Me Of How Small We Are

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