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On Thursday night, Schweinbeck, LLC and Mixtape Monopoly came together again to bring the city of Atlanta their music ‘Industry Mixer’ held at the Department Store. Hosted by WizKidMont with Mixtape Monopoly’s own, DJ Blak Boy on the 1’s and 2’s, the venue known for spotlighting rising artist became a packed house as some of the city’s best artists prepared to hit the stage. For the night, artist Layla Khepri shocked everyone as she hit the stage and turnt up the crowd with her song, “Dopery”. Afterwards, artist such as rising rapper, Maui Max killed the club and showed why so many people are saying he has next, as well as male R&B singer, Damar Jackson, who wowed the ladies with his rising hit song, “Crazy”.

Other artist’s that are quickly gaining attention is Label No Genres’ own Jake Lambo, female R&B singer/songwriter Charlise J and more.

Checkout pictures below from the event and be on the look out for the next Industry Mixer in March:

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