Chris Rock Oscars Monologue

Last night, the 88th Academy Awards, better known as the Oscars, aired and from the beginning of the 2016 awards, Chris Rock didn’t waste anytime and started to discuss the elephant in the room when it comes to diversity in the Oscars. Now, when it comes to Oscars, I think many people, especially black were surprised at what route Chris went, preferably because I feel many thought Chris was going to go the full route of making all white people uncomfortable at the award ceremony. But my question I have to ask everyone is, was Chris Rock telling the truth?

Now we can all debate on if one of greatest comedians / actors went to far with some of his statements / jokes, but more than anything, I think Chris showed honestly how unimportant the Oscars truly are compared to some of the real problems black people have dealt with in America and the world.

Many were upset that Chris Rock made a joke about lynching as he stated, “say 62, 63 and black people did not protest, why? Because we had things to protest at the time. To busy being raped and lynched to care about who won best cinematographer. When your grandmother is swinger from a tree, it’s really hard to care about best documentary foreign short.”

But let’s be real, it’s the TRUTH! Even today, we have to many situations that we should be focused on when it goes to police brutality, mass incarceration, America’s infrastructure, the organization of American Americans and more that we need to focus on getting handled for the progession of American.

When it comes to one reason why I truly feel that these comments were made is because many were some very true statements that were made infront of an white audience and many people don’t like to look at themselves in the mirror infront of the people they feel is the problem.

Now when it comes to one thing that Chris Rock hits on that I feel is the biggest issues when it comes to the movie, music and the entertainment industry as a whole is that many races in general want to be able to have an opprotunity to be acknowledged for their hard work and great work done.

So even though, Chris Rock gave a hard bullet to bit during his monologue and mattering on what media publication you read a recap from, it can go from it was horrible, to Chris hit the topic right on the head, Chris, more than anything, stayed true to his real feelings on the situation. Rather than feeling as if he had to be the advocate for blacks that night, or get a check from the Oscar, he instead tried to tell blacks that we need to be focused on bigger issue no matter how huge the Oscar may seem, it’s nothing compared to the other place were our voices truly need to be heard.

So get mad, laugh, feel offended, be shamed, shrug it off, or whatever, but more important, be informed on the hidden conversations that should be taken place in black communities rather than week long conversation speaking on which ‘entertainer’ should be getting what award.

Now if we can get a white comedian to do the same thing as to why are people honestly boycotting Beyonce and her Super Bowl “Formation” performance.

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