#WhitePeopleInvitedToTheCookout memes truly are some of the most hilarious memes to come out recently. When we thought the Oscars may have delivered us some hilarious memes, but didn’t (because black people weren’t watching it), the primary elections have inspired many to salute the people who look to have everyone’s back. And for that, they are invited to the cookout.

We all know, when it get’s warm, cookouts are the one thing that can bring everyone together, or lets say food in general. When it comes to good time, it’s were the cards come out, grill gets going and dance routines from crazy family members you never being to happen. More importantly, it’s were everyone becomes family. So, black twitter decided to show some respect to the many white’s that have had our backs in the past and present such as Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden, plus some white people who are cool enough and would turn up with all of us such as Betty White (who is still moving like she is 23), Adele and more.

So go ahead, come through and know when it’s get hot outside, your invited for a plate of baked beans, mac and cheese, greens, chicken and ribs whenever you feel.

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