brand ambassador of chanel

Just when many started to think Willow Smith would only be in the music industry, the independent teenager shows that she is able to accomplish anything she puts her mind to. After the release of her songs “Susside” and “Jimi“, Willow Smith was selected by Karl Lagerfeld to be a brand ambassador for Chanel. After being seen with the Fashion mogul on a continuous bases, many people started to speculate that she may have something to do with the company. Recently Chanel released a press release announcing the information and the history of Willow and Karl.

“The young singer, songwriter, actress and trendsetter has been wearing CHANEL for public appearances since 2013 and her first encounter with Karl Lagerfeld was in 2014 when he photographed her for the American magazine V. She was notably present at the CHANEL Fall-Winter 2016/17 Ready-to-Wear show presented this morning at the Grand Palais.”

willow smith brand ambassador for chanel

photo via instagram.

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