Stephen, Eryn Allen Kane, Old Sea Brigade, Jimmy Real in Atlanta

On Tuesday, March 8, the Communion Presented performances from Eryn Allen Kane, Stephen, Old Sea Brigade and Jimmy Real. Held at Smith’s Old Bar in Atlanta, GA, the venue was filled with music lovers who, just like myself came and left fans of artists we may have never heard.

Starting off the night the band, Jimmy Real (who are based out of Marietta, GA) hit the stage and definitely started the night off right. Honestly, I haven’t heard of them, but now, I am definitely a fan and love of their songs, “I Won’t Go”, “Freely Decide” and more. To give you a better understanding their sound, they are a blend of UK band, The Script and Imagine Dragon as they can deliver heartfelt lyrics with heart trembling production.

To continue the night, Old Sea Brigade showed me why I have come to love Folk music. Even with an energetic crowd, you could feel a piece serenity pass over everyone as the duo performed songs from their recent released self titled EP. From the calming sounds of an acoustic guitar and reflective lyrics on life, this will truly be the band you will want to listen to if you would like to stop time and just enjoy the world around you.

To start off the headline artists, soul singer Eryn Allen Kane hit the stage rocking a olive colored dress with her flowing hair expressing her excitement of being on stage. With a bright smile and greeting the audience as they were family, you quickly knew her performances was going to be just as amazing as her work. One thing about Eryn Allen Kane that I came to love is even though she is soul singer, this girl does not stand still. Instead, during her performance, you can tell her emotions towards the song drives her moves. With her hair flowing back and forth as she worked the stage Eryn made sure to capture all attention. For the night she perform some of her fan favorites from her 2-part EP Aviary: Act I & II. After performing, the Detroit native gave huges and greeted the crowd which I definitely went in to fan mode to get my groupie picture with her.

To end the night, singer/songwriter and producer Stephen hit the stage with his awesome band (the girl on the keys, I would just want to watch her produce!). For the night, Stephen performed some of his fan favorite songs such as his new song, “Sincerely“, plus “Fly Down“, “Crossfire“. Definitely take time to checkout Stephen, trust me, his songs will give you body no choice but to dance like you have no care in the world.

Checkout pictures below from the event.

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