The only way I can describe this new track by Allan Rayman “Verona The Hellcat” is funk wrapped in gritty soul! I’m feeling a sense of guilt because since today I have never heard of Allan Rayman and I’m shocked that I haven’t. Whenever I obsess over an artist, it is because they have different spark, a different flare and a different sound that hasn’t conformed to mainstream music. Allan Rayman fits perfectly into that category. He has that vintage southern sound that reminds me of Contemporary R&B artist Bo Saris. Allan Rayman is a bit of a conundrum. He has only done one interview and doesn’t leave much of a social media footprint. He seems to have flown under the radar. Rayman released his 2013 mixtape “H.O.H.W”. His follow-up EP “Incrid Cold“, 3 visual videos and his debut album “Hotel Allan” was released last year. Clearly I have some catching up to do with this dude. Stumbling upon his new song “Verona The Hellcat” I’m sure Allan Rayman will become one of my new favorites. Stream his new track below and if you attend SXSW this week, don’t forget to check him out!

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