On Thursday, March 17th, Rae Sremmurd and The Sremmlife Crew and Flatbush Zombies put on two shows that many will never forget and we were their to deliver photos of Rae Sremmurd and the Flatbush Zombies for your viewing pleasure. Located at the Fader Fort during SXSW 2016 week in Austin, Texas, the two camps turned their sets into an all out party when they hit the stage. Hitting the previously Flatbush Zombies rocked the crowd and made fans of many who may have never heard their music (including myself) and definitely made a younger audience wild out as they ran back in and forth on stage with pure energy. Plus this group probably has one of the most memorable quote of SXSW as one of the member told their crowd. “We are use to mosh pits, so if I don’t see a mosh pit when we start performing, I’m coming into the crowd and punching glasses off ya’ll faces.” LMAO!!! With that said the biggest mosh pit of SXSW was created and was truly hilarious and WILD!

To top off the night (or should have been the headlining act) Rae Sremmurd and the Sremmlife Crew hit the stage and showed that they have truly have hits after hits. One thing about Rae Sremmurd is when they hit the stage they demand energy due to how much energy they deliver when performing. After dropping songs, “I don’t have type”, “Throw Some More” and many many more, the crew had the crowd going crazy as beach balls were punched into the air and water was thrown from the stage. To end the night, the crew dropped a new song, but before told everyone to throw whatever they had in their hands in air when the beat drops. With much adrenaline pumping through everyone’s veins and excitement as the song began and the beat dropped drinks, bottles, water, liquor, ice flew into the air as the crowd screamed and wild out with the camp on stage.

Checkout photos of Rae Sremmurd and Flatbush Zombies performances below:

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