It has been a over a week since OVO Sound’s newest signees Dvsn (pronounced Division) have released their debut album ‘Sept 5th‘. Most people think Dvsn is a one man show because of how much of a mystery they have been since signing with OVO. Not to mention the heard-and-not-seen solo voice you hear on all the tracks. Dvsn is composed of singer Daniel Daley and producer Nineteen85. I discovered Dvsn on SoundCloud through another artist that I followed. With only 2 songs at the time and not many likes or repost, I decided to give it a listen.

The first song “The Line” had me absolutely in a trance. The prelude of the song starts with only a piano and this eloquent voice. The beat drops and then it takes you on this dreamy, soulful voyage. Eyes closed you can just envision yourself on this cloud with nothing but a melody, a voice, a chorus and piano strings guiding you. The production of this song is just divine! Only after hearing this one song, I had a feeling that this duo had a noteworthy sound that I hadn’t heard in a long time. With label mates Majid Jordan’s prior album release, one would think that there would be some stiff competition between these Canadian duo’s. However the only thing these two groups have in common is the fact that they are a duo. Aside from that, their sound is completely different. Refreshingly different. Majid Jordan has more of a broad sound. Ranging from up-tempo, energetic, borderline pop and dark R&B. I must give credit to the mastermind behind OVO Sound, Drake. He is discovering some fresh talent that doesn’t echo mainstream music scene.

Like most artist who release EP’s to wet their audience’s appetite, Dvsn never released one. They did however dropped a few singles. So needless to say when their album debut, their fans were anxious to hear what was in store. I can honestly say this album is collectively a great R&B album! Very cohesive piece of work. You won’t get lost in trying to figure out which direction the sound is going. A guaranteed “play it all the way through” album. 10 tracks of pure seductive heart-wrenching vocals, a series of infectious hooks laid on top of eargasmic drums and bass lines.

Being that I can listen to this album straight through, it is extremely difficult to pick a favorite song. I would literally want to sit here and review each song but that would be exhausting for you to read! Besides I don’t want to spoil it for those who haven’t heard it yet. Like most of us consumed with this digital era, social media will without a doubt give you their opinion of what they love and hate no matter the subject. I try not to play too much into people’s opinions via. social media because it is just that, their opinion. My music taste is quite eccentric so I don’t expect people to interpret music the same way that I do. At the same token, I found after reading several comments on this album, majority agreed on what they thought were the best songs on the ‘Sept 5th‘.

Social Media Favorite Picks

2. “In Too Deep” Off first listen, I thought this banger was quite ambiguous. Very sensual, slow-burning jam, laid on top of some infectious choral melodies. Whether Dvsn is talking about going to far into a relationship or going past the point of no return between two consensual adults, the guess is up to you. Either way, the sound of this harmonious chorus draws you into deep! Undoubtably a first listen favorite.

4. “Do It Well” Another mystic melody. Sounds to me like he is infatuated with this a stripper. One that he visits often and she gives him a sense of therapy. All he has to do is lay there and she knows what to do while he throws money in the air. So crazy how when you really listen to the lyrics of a song on top of a sultry beat, it changes the whole dynamic of a song. Oddly enough this made me think of the Weeknd. Go figure.

7. “Hallucinations” A groovy, mellow ballad. Daniel Davey showcases his vocals on this irresistible track. This ode to a past lover backed by a production that is delicate, kinetic yet energetic is what makes this a fan favorite.  The hook of this song blended with his high notes, piercing falsetto and the production really takes you on this rollercoaster of emotions that you don’t want to get off of. “Hallucinations” is by far one of the best expertly crafted pieces on this album. Full of emotions for a dying love’s spirit aching to be physically revived.

WCIC Rating 5 | 5*****

‘Sept 5th’ is available now on here

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