A.Chal is definitely one unique artist who seems to impress me anytime he releases a new track. Now the LA-based artist allows us into his mind as find himself getting close to the edge in his song, “PSYCHO”.

After the release of his song, “Round Whippin” and “Vibe W/U” (which are probably some of the best songs to smoke to other than Reggae), A.Chal tells the story of himself sometimes getting lost in the problems of life that sometimes it can truly drive you to go crazy. But thank God for music, because I think a lot of us would be the same.

If you’re looking for song that will help you to reflect on life, speaks to your soul and can help you to relax before you go Psycho, this is the song for you. Plus it will show you why A.Chal is one of our 10 Male Singers to Watch For In 2016.

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