Singer/songwriter and guitarist, Alexis Roberts makes her debut with a new song titled, “Play House”. With a calming guitar leading for the production as it blends with deep, heart riveting base for the hook, the Atlanta based singer lyrically paints the picture of a faded love story.

With the hook stating, “You don’t give a fuck about me, and I don’t really care about you”, Roberts shows the break down of their relationship, but yet not ready to move on as she states, “Play house is what we do.” With drained vocals through the verse, she gives you the perfect emotional setting for this track as if you were going through her problems with her. Hell just listening to the song, I feel the need to smoke one to help her worries go away.

Checkout the song below and we can’t wait to hear more of what Alexis Roberts has in store.

[spotted on IMA]

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