This Desiigner “Panda” Country cover is remarkably hilarious! Not, because the singer are horrible, they are actually pretty good, but to hear phrases like, “I Got Broads In Atlanta” and “Can someone explain cuz this crackers don’t get it” in a folk style duet is knee slappin’ funny!

Award winning Swedish folk/pop duo, Smith & Thell, gives you this cover that honestly helped me to even know lyrics of Desiigner’s song (that for the longest I thought was Future). In the video clips, the two play the acoustic guitar while rapping the lyrics while in a studio. I honestly must say, that girl has her breathing under control. To rap like 10 bars and not take one breath is crazy! Me, I would have finished like 4 bars and would have been breathing like I just ran a 4×400 with no teammates.

I hope they don’t continue to do covers, but they do have my attention to see what they release next. Checkout this cover below.

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