HighHowRU420, #HighHowRU420​

Your favorite social media influencers created a one-of-a-kind parody “HighHowRU420” inspired by 4/20 and the new movie Neighbors2. The Dave Farese-directed short is a combination of 4/20 humor with a little truth about what happens when getting too high alters some of life’s most important decisions. #HighHowRU was created and produced by influencer Juhahn Jones (@JuhahnJones) and J. Social (@NowInfluencing).

Cast: @juhahnjones @4everkelz @splack @quintonstorm @khadidon @versatilenstyle @tyheadlee @comedianjoncea @brittneyelena @jasminemonroe_ @richlaru @margarita_monroe @jenafrumes @nessa_varez @Britt_lucio @traceybuckner @RawSwagger @jennmorel @justjillduhh

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