This Birdman Interview has to be one of the shortest interviews in the world! ‘Stop playing with my name’, words stated by Birdman continuously as he sits with arms folded in a office chair with his entourage standing beside him during his interview with The Breakfast Club. No one really knows what Birdman was specifically mad about, but starting off the interview, the Cash Money co-founder came in heated before he even got to his microphone. In the shortest interview ever, DJ Envy, Angela Yee and Charlamagne Tha God looked truly baffled as to why he was coming at them this way and continuously stating, “Stop playing with my name!”.

Wanting some respect, Birdman probably just did it in the worst way possible, other than trying to trash the place while they were there. When at the 3 minute interview, Charlamagne goes to ask him, “Did you pull up on Ross, or Trick Daddy that way?”, Birdman replied, “I’m pulling up on you nigga”. At that point Charlamagne makes a good point as he states, “But I’m just the radio guy”.

Just checkout Birdman Interview. I’m actually trying to figure out if this should be categorized as an interview, or just plain humorous. Who am I kidding, humor it is.

Still trying to figure out the difference between, “Are Ya’ll Finished?”, or “Are Ya’ll Done?”…

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