In all the Beyoncé Lemonade craze this past weekend, we forgot there were plenty of artist still releasing new music. R&B newest bad boy Ro James was one of them with the release of 2 new singles, “Gas” and “Blow Burn”. Next month he will bless us with his highly anticipated album Eldorado. I don’t know about you all but I’m still bumping “Permission” ever since that track was dropped. Don’t get me wrong, Ro James has been on my radar ever since his 2013 three-part EP Coke, Jack and Cadillacs. The Germany-born singer, in my opinion has brought back that refreshing old school sound the music scene has been lacking for quite some time. Rare are the days of the smooth soulful sounds of D’Angelo, Prince and Maxwell. That effortless bellowing of sweet sounding falsettos, purposeful lyrics, paired with the rebellious rock star image like that of Lenny Kravitz. Ro James knows how to deliver that gritty R&B and make it look o-so-good.

In a recent interview with Billboard, he gave homage to the late great Prince. Stating that what he admired about Prince was “his rebellion & artistry”. “His ability to stay true to himself and not really care what no one else thought”. With the sudden passing of an iconic enigma and music legend, we all can attest to that acclaim. It is clearly evident in his music and persona that Prince is one of his muses. Ro’s debut album Eldorado is an intermix of stories the fellas can relate to without being too soft but something women can respect from a guy’s perspective on love, relationship and life. Lately Ro James hasn’t been able to do any wrong, so I’m sure it will have been worth the wait. Stream “Gas” and “Slow Burn” below. Don’t forget to pre-order Eldorado via iTunes.

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