Singer/songwriter, SIA AMUN, delivers a music video for her single, “Flowers”. Directed by her the California-based songstress gives you a tantalizing videos that will make you feel like she’s talking to you all while expressing her love for the ‘Weed Man’. With a laid back Caribbean production, with funky drum kicks this track comes to blend reggae, blue and R&B to make one amazing song.

Gearing up for the release of her BLUE DREAM project, AMUN gives her fans this song and video that will truly feel like a breath of fresh air. On the video, Sia Amun states, “I wanted to shoot and capture something that represented me, and gave people an insight of who I am. I wanted to do something natural & simple that embodied my lifestyle. I think bells & whistles can sometimes mask the artist’s identity, so I kept it minimal.”

This song comes after her cover of Rihanna’s hit single, “Work” that she even blended with rising singer, ELHAE’s song “Love A Nigga”. Checkout the video below.

Note to everyone: don’t look into her eyes in the video. Literally didn’t blink until the video went off like I was in some type of trance.

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