After many years as a Flight Attendant, travel enthusiast, Lisa Mothersille, developed an app that helps you to answer those questions about reasonable hotels to reserve with, cheap flights to many locations and more to handle your traveling and booking needs. Inspired by the trendy hashtag, #FlightLife, which thousands of millennials use to document their travel excursions, the new Flight Life App allows users to discover the most ideal flight deals and glitch fares to their dream destinations with ease.

flightlife appAvailable as a free app to both iPhone and Android users, Flight Life compares millions of flights from the user’s home airport, to deliver the top travel deals daily and encourage more spontaneous travel “While working as a Flight Attendant, I was able to see the world and I want everyone else to do so as well,” says Mothersille.

To further support her mission, she has also pledged to donate one travel package to a deserving U.S.-based family each year courtesy of Flight Life. As one of the fastest growing new apps, travel enthusiasts of all ages can now pay less, travel more and enjoy the #FlightLife. The app offers fast and secure booking, and users can also pursue flight deals from surrounding airports, including both one-way and roundtrip fares as well.
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