Thursday, April 29, Schweinbeck, LLC and Mixtape Monopoly finished out the end of the month with their ‘Industry Mixer’. Hosted by WizkidMont and Mixtape Monopoly’s DJ Blak Boy on the 1’s and 2’s, the Department Store in Atlanta was a packed house. For the night, many artist came out to hit the Schweinbeck Industry Mixer stage that has come a right of passage to make it in the music industry in Atlanta and gave it all they got.

Performances for the night included Maui Max, Damar Jackson, Clay James, Truez, VVG, Mon3y Mil3s, Ray Rebel, Finesse Fam, Damez, 615 Exclusive, Derek Ty’rae, Kusdem, Smitty, JR Da Future and Headlinerz.

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