Singer/songwriter, Kehlani debuts a new song titled, “24/7”. Coming after the release of her album, You Should Be Here, the Oakland raised artist gives you her heart on this song as speaks on not being happy all the time. But shows that no one really is, so understand that she is a human being as well.

In the song, Kehlani speaks on how it’s ok sometimes to be sad and taking time out for yourself to make sure you’re ok. With the hook stating, “I don’t know nobody, who think that their somebody 24/7” shows that even the celebrities she may be around feel sad somedays.

This is the first song that Kehlani has released after her attempting to commit suicide after a instagram post was uploaded by her Ex-boyfriend shows that him and Kehlani were together while she is was going with basketball player Kyrie Irving and deleting her instagram. Honestly, Kehlani shouldn’t have felt way about that other than maybe cheating on someone she loves (which is personal), but the shame that came afterwards from people was ridiculous as if many men haven’t done the same and OTHER WOMEN! I’m glad, Kehlani is finding another route to channel her energy, because she is to great of an artist to lose, PLUS she is to damn young.

This week as well, Tsumani Mob artist, Ambre debut an album worthy mixtape titled 2090’s that delivers many feelings and reason why Kehlani signed her to the label as they both write from their heart. Definitely check it out. After checking out Kehlani new song 24/7.

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