Off of their album, WIPED OUT! Alternative Rock Band, The Neighbourhood debuts a music video for their song, “Daddy Issues”. Delivering another cinematic, black and white visual, you see the band sitting in classic Jaguar all while their girlfriends go ballistic outside. With bats, crow bars, sledgehammers and even a cement block, the women destroy NBHD’s vehicle all before shattering out the driving window and taking a knife to kill…

One thing about The Neighbourhood, they always know how to make a video that tells a story and help to paint a vivid picture of their song. Just as the song speaks on situations in relationship from a girl and a guys perspective of having problems with a heartless father, or even a father that wasn’t around. Sometimes you come to have relationship issue to the fact of not being able to deal with the real problem inside. Therefore finding other ways of letting it out.

So honestly, the smashing of the car could have been because The Neighbourhood didn’t bring food back for them, but was eating food in the vehicle and those ladies were HUNGRY! Or it was cold outside and no of them had sweaters on for that ‘Sweater Weather‘. Or something much more serious.

This video comes after the release of their video for “R.I.P. To My Youth“, plus the ladies favorite “Afraid“. Wiped Out! is now available on iTunes.

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