On the Mexican Holiday that every American loves to celebrate, Cince De Mayo, Tha Cool Club and Schweinbeck, LLC came together to bring everyone their monthly event titled, “The Fanbase” held at the Department Store off Edgewood Ave in Atlanta. Combining knowledge from industry elites within their fields as well as making it a platform for artist’s to prove they deserve to be the next artist to rise out of Atlanta, has come very successful as it holds a packed house each month. Hosted by Fort Knox and Herm Shock, the panel this week gave a listener a bang for their 2 bucks as they delivered industry information that most times would have came with a hourly consultation fee.

With a panel consisting of Lamont (Financial Advisor/ Cool Club), TJ Making Moves (Insurance), Erica & Andrea Hamilton (Theory Communications), Greggory Smith (Director of SESAC) and Josh Kamen, ESQ, the mavens in their leagues discussed everything from working with publishing companies, the reason for insurance, when artist’s needs a publicist and more.

I will say this, if you are an artist who may be low funds at the time and is trying to learn the music industry and haven’t been to The Fanbase, you are cause of your own failure. It’s other place that you can pay $2 to get in to receive knowledgeable information from people at this level without paying (at the minimum) a $100 and HOUR!

To top off the night before the artist showcase began. Headline performance consisted of rising Eastside Atlanta rapper, BAGS and the up and coming rap duo Headliners.

Checkout Pictures Below Of The Fanbase:

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