With TuneCore having a new headquarter located in Atlanta, they have definitely started putting the city on to new acts that are in their own hometown as well as other cities. This past week, they let the city know a few more artists, producers and bands they need to watch out for as they held the TuneCore Live Atlanta Showcase at one of Atlanta’s notable music venues, The Music Room (327 Edgewood Ave. NE).

With Grammy Award winning music exec and DJ, KP the Great, rocking the crowd on the 1’s and 2’s, plus Hot 107.9’s J Nicks and ET Cali of the Durrty Boyz hyping the anxious audience, this was definitely the spot to be at. For the night performances were held by girl group, Levi Johnson, producer Mr. 2-17, rising teen rapper Kodie Shane, Hero The Band, Hip-Hop/Rock artist Willie Hyn and M-City J.R. who all showed why TuneCore choose them to perform for the night and why they are next.

Pictures Below Of TuneCore Live Atlanta Showcase:

Photo Credit: WhoShotCha Photography

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