SZA literally makes everyone excited she releases anything! I truly feel that she could release a song like Pootie Tang called “Silence” and it just be 4 minutes of her breathing in the mic with a few random coughs in between and I would be anticipating when I could see her perform it LIVE! Ight, after my fan rant, the TDE songstress returns to continue the 2016 TDE Takeover this year as she remakes PARTYNEXTDOOR and Drake’s song, “Come See Me” to create a new song titled, “TwoAM”.

After being featured on Rihanna ANTI album for their collaborative “Consideration” track and taking us to the future with Felix Snow in their song, “LIES”, SZA returns back to earth and gives us her euphoric vocals that takes the place of PARTYNEXTDOOR and Drake as she takes us in the night. But what’s going to get everyone is that flip at the end. When she flips it with a Caribbean accent while singing, “I conjour up that coochie for you / I might be that hoochie for you”.


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