If you’re like me, then I’m sure you’ve been wondering where in the world has Ameriie been?! Just recently she visited Power 105’s The Breakfast Club, where she discussed her music hiatus, the extra “I” in her name and of course new music. In her interview she stated “I know I disappeared and people are like, ‘What Happened?’ It’s because I don’t really chase after fame. I don’t really love red carpets. Maybe it’s because of the OCD thing. They give me a bit of anxiety…” Well there you have it folks, Ameriie is not really one for the spotlight. Not saying that I blame her but it makes it hard for fans to grasp that when we are fixated on certain artist and love to hear what they’ve been working on in the studio. A pretty interesting interview to check out if you haven’t had the chance to. It sheds some light on other things Ameriie has up her sleeve. Though it’s been 7 years since her Love and War album, the production of Drive doesn’t seem to venture too much from the familiar sound of her smash hit “One Thing.” She teamed up with “One Thing” creator Rich Harrison, The Buchanans and Mike City just to name a few. Listen to Drive in it’s entirety and let us know if you’ll still be keeping this songstress in your rotation.

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