These days, art is becoming a trending thing to have within all classes of people. From the growth of artists such as Banksy, Jean-Michel Basquiat and more, people have come more in tuned to artwork, galleries, even more, want to know who are the creators of certain pieces, or how much it would be for such and such’s painting. Well now, all of that can be answer with the new Magnus Art App which is being referenced as the ‘Shazam for Art’.

Just as Shazam allows you to scan a song that you may be hearing at an event, Magnus does the same for Art. Picture this, you’re at an event and come across a random art piece that is there, but they don’t have any information on the artist who did the painting. With Magnus, you can take a picture of the art work and within seconds have all the information you need about that piece. From who did it, how much it costs and even see where different galleries, or art exhibits are located near you and can find information through the exhibition history of over 800,000 artists.

magnus art app, shazam of art

Founded in 2013 in New York, entrepreneur Magnus Resch looked to make art an experience that newbies to serious art collectors are more informed about. In a press release, Magnus states, “This app is the perfect tool for everyone interested in art. It’s like Shazam: just take a photo and the app tells you everything you need to know. The map shows you all the art spots around you, so you never miss an event. Or check out prices from artists you want to buy – it’s the world’s largest price database for contemporary art. We create it by crowdsourcing it. I believe that transparency is good for the art world. This will attract new collectors and give existing buyers a tool at their fingertips to enjoy art even more. And the best thing: it’s free.”


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