For a few years now, male R&B singers have been taking over the music industry. From artists such as Bryson Tiller, Tory LanezRo James, Elhae and more, but one rising singer that is gaining much attention with his new single “Crazy” and the release of his #Ninety3Until EP is R&B singer Damar Jackson. Earlier this year, we listed Damar Jackson as one of our 2016 Male Singers to Watch and now many are coming to see why. From his style, sound and being able to blend the love of 90’s R&B with today uptempo approach, Damar is quickly coming many R&B fans favorite. With us liking the rising talent’s work, we decided to connect with his management to do a Q&A interview with the Louisiana native and find out more about him, his inspirations and what he has in store for the people.

damar jackson interview

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Many artist talk about having a lack of funds is the reason why they can’t do everything they want to in the music industry. What are somethings you learned and did to bring in more income to pursue your music career?
I worked on my tools and tried to produce and write while I was chasing my dream as an artist. I leaned to be resourceful and problem solver so I can let certain situations and relationship lead me to income.

We know you’re definitely in Atlanta and L.A. alot now, how is working in these cities different from working in DeRidder, Louisiana?
It’s a lot different because these different cities have their own vibes. The music scenes are different and each. It gives you a different energy when I create.

What encouraged you to pursue being a singer?
Just being from Louisiana and it being apart of our culture. Watching artist like MJ when I was young help inspired me.

Have you ever receive any slack about being a singer?
No I haven’t

How did you connect with K Camp? And end up songwriting the hit song, “Comfortable”?
Me and Camp been working with each other for years. Linked in Atlanta and been working ever since. Comfortable was a song we did in LA and I’m very proud of it. Something I think will last along time.

How has life situations helped you to become a better songwriter?
Life situations create the best stories for me to write. I’m sure a lot of people relate because I really just put it all in the music.

Damar Jackson InterviewWho are some of your favorite producers to work with? Or look forward to working with?
Big Fruit is my favorite producer to work with. I look forward to working with Dark Child one day.

In the music industry, what is one lesson you have learned that is now burned into your memory?
Don’t believe anything until it happens.

If you could choose anyone (alive, or passed away), who would you like to do a collaborative song with? why?
A lot of greats I would love to collaborate with. I’d have to collab with Missy.

Your hit song, “Crazy” is definitely doing numbers! How did you come up with concept for this track produced by Big Fruit?
Thanks and I started off the track with pads you hear. Wrote and recorded the song with no drums and fruit came in and added more elements and we built it from there.

We checked out your Ninety3Until EP and we love it for the fact it didn’t focus on just one era of music, but instead gives the people multiple eras. How did you choose which songs you would like to cover to create a project multiple generations can listen to together?
Thanks for listening and I picked songs that I knew people would appreciate. Songs that were big in the South and even songs that were kind of looked over. So I wanted to update them and show how much I appreciated the art.

After the release of your EP, what would you tell the people to get ready for?
Crazy video and my album dropping soon.

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